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Jan 17, 2020 Mike Midgley

Video Strategy Ideas

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I just want to share a few ideas with you for better use of video in your content. I've just done a video strategy with a client, one of our Inbound HubSpot clients. I'm amazed at the amount of ideas that came out of the session. The team was awesome and I just feel I should share some of them with you. Get them off my brain.

Maybe you can sort of implement some of these into your business to get more engagement, not only at the presale stage, part of your sales process, but also in welcoming customers on board. Obviously, managing customers and promotions and up-sales afterwards. So with video strategy, a lot more and more and more platforms are video-centric. The amount of videos that's going onto YouTube, the amount of engagement uplifts that happen on video over static posts.


So here's a couple of quick tips. Part of the sales process. This particular client I work with uses Proposify. If you've not come across Proposify, it's a digital tendering and quote system and proposal system that you can put videos in and you can track, see how many times your customers have opened it.

So we've put a strategy together today on Proposify where the new business team, when they send the proposal out, there will be a personalised welcome video there from the salesperson or the account manager. Which would say something along the lines of "Hey, thanks for allowing me to quote for your valuable business. I'm just going to walk you through the proposal. Here, this is this section, this is that section."

So, you get an idea that putting a video into a proposal is going to really personalise and uplift it. It also gives you the opportunity to explain any finer detail that might need a little bit more explanation to help the client consider your proposal. So using them in sales proposals is one.

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Do You Educate Yourself?

Secondly, education videos. If customers have been quoted or enquired then sending an email in marketing automation is great on a workflow inside HubSpot or in a campaign inside Infusionsoft or whatever tool you use. Active campaigns rep or whatever, that's fine. If it's a static email, that's saying "Hey, what did you think?" and "Hey, we're just checking in about that," then that engagement's going to be pretty low.

But if you get a real strong subject line in there and curious based subject line. Then with an image of a video you click through onto your page and then literally you can give them a video saying "Hey, thanks for enquiring with us about product or service X.” I just thought I'd check in," at seven days, 10 days, or whatever auto-respond time you've put in there, and "I just thought you might benefit from this".

Then show them a demonstration of a product, show them a testimonial of a client who's already bought the service or product. Then this is a good piece of social proof. So using your education that could also be applicable in your product demos. So, if somebody's maybe signed up for a free trial for some software.

It could be a sample or if you work in the more touchable aggregate business that may have requested a tile sample or a carpet sample, or blinds, like vertical row of blinds you can drop them a video in there. Say "Hey, here's the latest demo of the new electric blind," or the different sample colours. So you can use videos in your education or your follow-up process.


New Customers

New customer onboarding, this is one of my favourites. So today we've worked out about getting four or five people out this client's team onto a video and then we're going to say "Hey, welcome on board." It's going to be, not quite popping champagne corks or balloons or anything like that but we're just going to do a team shot to say welcome, thanks for choosing us and thanks for choosing Company X. We really appreciate your business.

  • I lead the customer team
  • I lead the product team
  • I lead the customer accounting or the finance team.

We've obviously done like a real personalised welcome strategy to welcome to the business. Just give them that little bit of better feelings than just sample transactional email that says welcome to our company and thanks for your business. Up-sell videos, testimonial videos, all those types of things that you can do and say "Hey, here's a sample testimonial video that some of our customers have done for us. We'd really appreciate if you could shoot that."

Give them an instruction on how to shoot it on the iPhone and how to upload it to your site or social channels. That was another one that we came up with from that side. Being a customer advocate, surveys can be boring. Fill in my survey. Why? But if you've got like the M.D. there or customer service manager or even the person who sold you the product or service originally dropping an email or a text message in after three months, one month, whatever your survey period is.

Just say, "Hey, I can't believe it's been x months since you last bought the product. We really appreciate it. We've been getting some awesome feedback. Here's some of the positive feedback our clients have had." Again you do a montage chop up of some testimonial snippets and we'd really appreciate if you could just give us a survey and let us know how we're doing.

Then you could just give them that video intro. So, I think there's just some obvious ones that we've come up with. There's been ideas like office tours, just to show that you're human. So where you walk through the door you follow the office dog through if you've got one, or whatever. Then you peep in everybody's office and you give your customers a little bit what it's like working at Company X.

That's great. New hires is another great video strategy. So “my name's, Sally or John, and I've just joined Company X and I'm really looking forward to it. I look forward to serving you as an additional member to the team.”

Published by Mike Midgley January 17, 2020
Mike Midgley