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What I’d like to challenge you with today is copywriting. What we mean by copywriting is the words, the stories, the descriptions that are all over your business.  On your website, in your catalogues, in your product features your social media posts.

So the question I’ve got for you this morning is when was the last time you did a review of your copywriting to make sure it’s current, it’s up to date with how your business trades, maybe you did a website 12, 18 months ago. Maybe you’ve brought two more products out since then or you’ve maybe moved in or out of a particular service.

The Importance of Copywriting

What a lot of entrepreneurs seems to miss is the importance of keeping the copywriting up to date. Making sure that the message and how they’re portrayed to the prospective customers, prospects, is consistent with how they do business.

The month of March, January, and February, how fast have you come out of the blocks in 2017? Are you ahead of targets, behind the target, are you struggling to get sales? I hear so many people say to me “Mike I need to get more leads, I need to generate more leads”.

They get drawn in to lead generation strategies, and that’s something standard that you need to have in place all year round. But what they seem to miss is the importance of copywriting.

New call-to-action

Dirty Oil in a New Engine

The simple example I want to give you is if you’ve got a new car, you wouldn’t go and put dirty oil in the engine. Why is that relevant to copywriting? Because of a lot of you guys and girls out there and entrepreneurs. You’re going to be getting new websites, you’re going to be getting new brochures, new flyers, new business cards, your email marketing.

What are you putting in it? Are you putting your copy in it or are you actually hiring a professional copywriter? If you’re not hiring a professional copywriter then you could be losing out seriously big time, and leaving thousands of pounds. You might think that you know more about your business than a copywriter, and that’s probably true.

But unless you are a professional copywriter, you probably don’t have a full handle on the skill in wrapping and creating stories. Getting that purpose and that connection.

The Challenge of Copywriting

Cross Your T’s & Dot Your I’s This 2018

So if you’re interested in finding out more about how professional copywriting throughout all your online and offline properties. Whether that’s websites or brochures or anything in between, even email marketing, if you want to give us a call you can contact us at 0330 1130 130

Then you can book a call online with us with one of our copywriting consultants, you can visit 6teen30.com Go to the contact us page where you can book a consultation. If you really want to make the rest of 2018 sing, hit the note, really get your high conversions in there and just refresh your copywriting, give us a shout.

You can also head over to blog.6teen30.com where there’s an awesome podcast that I have done with Gary Spinks, our lead copywriter. Share some top tips with you about how you can improve your copy if that’s something you want to do yourself.

Published by Mike Midgley April 28, 2020
Mike Midgley