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In this daily vlog, whilst on this European vacation. This is really day six, but we're going to count it as Day Three vlog, due to my little bit of an absence, and illness in Paris. So what I want to talk to you today about is what is your business' magnet?

As I promised, with the people who read my blogs and follow my stuff, I'm just trying to sort of taking experiences from this vacation and share them with you and how you can apply them in your business. Because sometimes they're not always obvious.

We sit there, behind these desks, or delivering what we deliver, or providing what we provide, and we don't always take time out to stop and think, and think, hey some real-life experiences that we can really learn from. So really that's what this is today.

I'm coming from the beach of Saint-Tropez in South of France, and this was our sort of magnet. This is where we going to be for the next eight days or so. Why Saint-Tropez?

Obviously, there are all the destinations in the world, the Caribbean, there's the States, there's the Middle-East, Australasia, Indonesia, all that type of stuff. It really relates to your inbound marketing strategy.

I look back a couple of years ago, never really got South of France, took the usually opinionated sort of views as opposed to the factual approach that most people get which is. Oh really expensive, and the French people are really rude, it's not that clean.

Your Customers Perception Of Your business?

You can get destructive with that, so the first challenge I've got for you today is, what is your customer's perception of your business? What is your customer's perception of your business?

What we chose to do over the last couple of years is we went to various destinations the year before last, and last year as well, but we started to take a look at the French Riviera. We thought to yourself, well let's take a little bit of time out, let's research it, let's get some review sites, so let's look at all those types of things.

The end result is that you start to fall in love with something, and this is what I'm saying about your marketing strategy and your inbound marketing strategy. Your customers today, they're researching things weeks, months, or even years ahead of actually getting the credit card out and making a purchase.

So if you're not putting out a strong message, if you're not putting out regular content, you're not speaking to your desired audience, then what are you doing? Are you just existing? If you look at the post I put out yesterday, it's about existence or affluence. That's the first thing that I really want you to sort of have a think about.

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Is Your Prospective Customer Attracted To Your Business?

The second thing is why should I, your prospective customer, be drawn to your business? What is the magnetization you put out there that says, they come and check my shop out, or come and make an inquiry with our business?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm on the beach at Saint-Tropez, and I look around here, there are some awesome yachts, multi-million, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of yachts. We call it the playground of the rich and famous and things like that, and that's the other side of bay anyway.

We're at the, maybe the more Econo-mer side of the bay, at the Port Grimaud, but that's what people come for, they come to see success, they come to see the yachts, they come to see for the climate, the weather, the culture, all that type of things.

So the second thing that I really want to put out to you really is, what is your magnet? If you've got a pen and you can write reasonably quickly, try and take this down, if not re-wind the video.

Why Should I Choose Your Business?

What I'm going to pose to you is this question: Why should I, your prospective customer, choose to do business with you over every and any other available option to me. That's your magnet, that's why people come to you.

If you cannot answer that succinctly and quickly for your customers, they're going to move on. People talk about five or six seconds on a website, to get your message across, well if they're meeting in person, and say, hey Mike, what is it that you do?

If you start wobbling on and saying, hey we've been in business 35 years, my grandfather started it, they're just not interested, they're going to tune out. So work on that statement, why should I, your prospective customer, choose to do business with you over every and any other available option to me?


Try and get that message really focused down. Then sort of say, hey now I know why people want to deal with me. How can I position that? What's my centre-spread brochure of Saint-Tropez or Cannes or Monaco, or wherever else you want to go in the world.

Get that clear. Get is visually clear and get your words clear on your marketing copy, and you're going to be pretty fine. I just want to finish off by saying, I had the most awesome time yesterday, even though I was behind the wheel of an eight-metre motor-home.

I was behind the wheel of an eight-metre motor-home for seven and a half, nearly eight hours driving from the base of the Alps in Grenoble, all the way down to Cannes. We went through the most amazing scenery, the amazing mountains, and I just wish, I didn't get it on the camera here, but I've got it on the GoPro, some journeys through there, so I'll get that posted later on.

The journey's going well, everything is good, French people have been awesome so far, facilities are great. We got some concerns out here at the moment about the French wildfires that are over in the distance, over this side, was fairly smokey this morning. Managed to clear that up a little bit, so hopefully, they've got that contained.

But the main message I wanted to get across to you today, is number one, what is your magnet? How are you attracting people to it? How are you putting your story out there to make sure people are checking you out, whether that's days, weeks, months, way before they make a purchase.

Get your story ready, get your story straight, get it accurate, start to target your ideal personas. I'm sure then, you'll have a flood of customers coming to your door. A little bit like we've got here, if you look down at Saint-Tropez, the beaches are full.

I don't know if you can see that behind me, not sure how the sun's coming out on this glare. But the beaches are full, the cash flow's going to come through your till, and you're going to be able to reinvest that for business growth. Find your magnet, find out what your content and your inbound strategies going to be. Start a position up, talk it through with your team.

Published by Mike Midgley April 8, 2020
Mike Midgley