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It's the day for the Infusionsoft European partner conference here in Javier, Spain. So this morning, I just want to give you a little bit to think about.

Do You Have A Plan Of Action?

Now we take five minutes out of your morning to just concentrate on one of the obvious but most overlooked things that small business owners should be doing. I'm talking about list growth and lead generation. We all want more leads, right?

We all want to bring more inquiries in this business. But the challenge I've got for you is, what exactly are you doing right now in your business to generate more leads and more inquiries so you can quote, position yourself and grow your business.

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Don't Burn Yourself Out

So many of you will be on personal development journeys and that's excellent. Big shout out and congratulations for doing that. But if you're learning, learning, learning, then you're just going through potentially what we call, burnout. 

You get tired, you're not implementing any of that stuff. Sometimes it's easy to get distracted. So the challenge that I'd like you to do today is really breaking this down into a number of boxes or compartments or buckets. 

List Growth & Lead Generation

Who Is Your Customer?

Number one, think about who your customer is. Think about where they're going to hang out. Think about how you're going to get them and what strategy have you gotten in your business to make sure that you can generate leads to the ideal audience and then follow them up correctly.

If you want to put us a comment down below or shoot us any messages if you're unsure about how to do that. We've got plenty of resources that you can either head over to blog.6teen30.com and access those there or online at the 6teen30.com

So think lead generation, write it down on a post-it note, put it on the dashboard of your office desk and what I want you to write down is, what am I doing about lead generation for my business. See how you go with it, drop us some comments, and we'll keep you posted as we go through the conference.

Published by Mike Midgley February 3, 2020
Mike Midgley