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Feb 12, 2020 Mike Midgley

Legacy Marketing

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Mike: Hi, today we're off for a trip to Santa Pod, the drag racing at Wellingborough and I'm joined with Jamie. Hi J, how are you doing, mate?

Jamie: Hi, yeah, I'm good, you?

Mike: Yeah and the reason why I wanted to do this quick daily pit stop with Jamie today I want to talk about legacy marketing. What I mean by that is the marketing that you've done in the past that keeps paying dividends either week-on-week, year-on-year, month-on-month.

For those of you who don't know, I've been drag racing for gosh, twenty-six, twenty-seven years, regular visitor down to the Santa Pod, Elvington and York.

Even used to work on a drag racing team when I was about eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old, helping out on a methanol fuel car and had some good times down at Santa Pod.

Marketing of Santa Pod

Today, you know I can't remember the last time that I actually read an advert or some marketing material from the Santa Pod but yet every bank holiday it's an automatic destination that we go down and J over to you, what's your earliest memory of coming to the Santa Pod with us?

Jamie: The earliest memory, well I'm not even sure what the earliest memory is because I'm sure we've been coming every second bank holiday in May for the past what, ten, twelve years and more or less every single year without fail. So probably one of the earliest ones I don't even know for as long as I can remember. 

Mike: Yeah, absolutely and you know when we, we'll talk to Jamie in a moment or two about his best memories of it and why he keeps going back and what he got hooked on. Give that some thought mate, we'll get some questions there. 

But for me it's just one of those unique experiences. If you like motorsport, you know a lot of people get fanatical about Formula One and I understand that as well. I'm not saying drag racing is better or worse than Formula One, it's just a different palette.

So to think about what marketing that you constantly do in your business that is consistent, that your customers know that you always do. If we were to reference McDonald's for example, you know if I said to you McDonald's, what's the one piece of food Jamie, that you think is always on that menu?

Jamie: Burger. 

Mike: Yeah, what type of burger? 

Jamie: Well, a Big Mac.

Mike: Yeah, Big Mac, absolutely. That is a constant, it doesn't matter how the McDonald's menu changes, you can always go in a McDonald's and get a Big Mac and it doesn't matter what we do in the year, we always go back to Santa Pod for the drag racing.

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Core Products Keep Your Business Going

So in your business make sure you've got a constant, make sure you've got a core product, make sure you've something that is always available. I'm not talking necessarily about not being diversified and not progressing. Of course, I am but things change.

Look how football's changed over the years, you know the rules changed. They're bringing in different ideas like the playoffs recently and things like that. So ultimately, I just wanted to get you to think about what's your constant in your business, what's your Big Mac, things like that. So J, favourite moment of the Santa Pod over the last sort of eighteen or so years we've been taking you?

 Legacy Marketing

Jamie: Well, probably favourite is, I don't know I think it's going around all the pits. What I do actually, really enjoy the actual drag racing part, I do like going around all the pits so I can look at all the engineers and look at how they work and how much they actually work on the cars and how the actual engines work themselves.

Mike: Yeah and that's something to look at. It's obviously a lot of things that you know, a lot of the fanatical Santa Pod fans, regulars go and see and watch the engineers as Jamie said. The power that they get out of these vehicles, seven, eight, nine-thousand horsepower, doing a quarter mile in four and a bit seconds. Three hundred miles an hour so anyway as always it's a little bit of downtime, just sharing our thoughts on what we're doing today.

Published by Mike Midgley February 12, 2020
Mike Midgley