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Today I really want to have a chat with you about your strategy around content production and how you're putting that out on social media. So what I'm talking about content is anything pictures, images, videos. It's a little bit of an interesting start. 

It's quite astonishing, really. Would you say that you're messing around, putting social media posts out for around 30 minutes a day? You're probably not unrealistic if you say you, you check Facebook a dozen times a day, Twitter, LinkedIn

So if you're sort of putting 30 minutes a day into posting either irrelevant or disconnected content onto your social media channels, here's a quick sum for you. So 30 minutes a day is 3 and a half hours a week, 3 and a half hours a week is 182 hours a year, if you multiply that by 52 weeks, divide that, that's near, what, 22, 23 days that you're actually invested almost a full working month into what could be posting irrelevant content. 

Here's my business card, here's my name, here's a job that I've just recently done, here's a testimonial. I've got to be honest with you, who cares?


The bottom line is if you don't have a content strategy and a content calendar that's actually divided by topics of maybe awareness for your business, maybe about acquisition driving to some of your sales funnels. You don't think they're wasting your time.

Stop, stop right now and wouldn't it be better spending, you know taking the day out and I know that's a day. I did say that, take a day out and plan out your content.

  • What awareness are we going to do for this quota or this month?
  • What acquisition are we going to get?
  • How are we going to get more customers into this business?
  • How can I help them with more valid information?

Before you say you can't afford to take a day out of your business to plan content.Well, I'm telling you, you can't afford to spend 22, 23 days a year posting absolute irrelevant dribble out there that people you're not engaging with.

So think about it this way. The first month, one full day of strategy planning and what you're going to put out content-wise by; 

  • By theme
  • By campaign
  • By offers
  • By awareness 

Whether you're a charity, community, testimonial and plan it all out because there's a lot of you guys who are probably going to use tools like Edgar and Buffer and Hootsuite and whilst they're all good. That's fine but what's the point in scheduling stuff if you don't know what you're scheduling towards?

That's like just pushing it out because it's automated. We've just moved over to a tool called Falcon.io. It's an enterprise level, content and social platform. You know, that's a big investment for us as a business.

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It's a serious enterprise piece of kit but it's going to take our social and content platform to the next level. Everything that you do is, it started with content. You know you go out, your advertising, your website, your social media, your blog and your videos you're doing like this one.

It's all planned out and you know it, the top of the funnel, all that stuff is going to come in there. So ultimately if you elevate content, marketing and social media to a number one priority. I had an interesting discussion with one of our Infusionsoft user groups recently where people are saying what are they doing for a living and the usual stuff around the room is hey I do this or hey I do that.

  Content & Social Strategy Wake Up Call

Well, ultimately that's a load of rubbish. What you're actually doing is you're a marketer of what one of these services so here you know if you're a plumber or if you're an accountant you're actually a marketer of services or accountancy or you're a marketer of services or plumbing.

That's what you're actually doing because without content in an organised and planned and strategized way. What you can put out in line with any events that you're doing or any promotions you're doing then you're always going to be running around the hamster wheel with disorganisation, low engagement.

If you're serious about getting your content strategy right if you're serious about getting it scheduled correctly and linked into your story and your brand then you know. You can always contact us at 6teen30 Digital and just head over to www.6teen30.com

You can book a 30-minute consultation either with myself or our content team and we're going to get that moving for you and get it sorted. So as entrepreneurs you've got an obligation to your business, you've got an obligation to your customers and you've got an obligation to set your content right.

Published by Jamie Midgley February 7, 2020
Jamie Midgley