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Mar 02, 2020 Mike Midgley

Challenge On How You Approach Paid Traffic

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Today I want to sort of put down a challenge about how are you thinking or approaching your paid advertising online. So, my paid advertising, I'm being specific to paid search or paid traffic, translated to Google AdWords, Facebook adverts, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and things like that.

So, if you're not using paid search or paid traffic, then in reality, the amount of business that you're potentially missing out on is significant. Think about how you search and buy for your own business or your own personal needs.

You're going to hit Google, you're going to put in, ‘how to’ or search for a specific company, or a product or deals, or discounts, or availability, or events and that's search intent. That basically means that the person typing the keyboard has actually got a requirement.

Now, the requirement might not be ready to buy, they may just be right at the top of the funnel, where they're just searching, finding a supplier who can do their product or service, or meet their aspirations and supply it. A new kitchen or a new roof.

It could be anything. A set of tickets for a concert. So that's what we call search intent. The number of searches that's done on Google for your product or service every day, and even narrow it down to the UK, and even to your locality would be quite considerable.

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So, if you don't have that added boost to be page one at Google, we talk about search engine optimization in a different video, and being on page one at Google organically, without paid search is a dream.

It's not always that easy to achieve and can take a little bit longer, but, right now, if you were to put out a Google AdWord campaign and set it up correctly. You could be page one of Google within minutes. Not weeks or months, minutes.

So, right now, how many people are searching for a product or service that you supply? If you're not visible then you're missing out on a lot of new inquiries.

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So, if you're interested in finding out more about paid search, paid traffic, Google AdWords, Facebook adverts, or ads, give us a call on 0113 479 3300, or you can visit www.6teen30.com where we've got our paid traffic team that's ready to sort of spend 20 to 30 minutes on the phone with you totally free, where you're talking to advice and guidance.

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If you're ready to open a project, offer you a fully managed paid search, paid traffic programme. You could also head over to blog.6teen30.com where you can see an awesome podcast that I did with Damien Qualter; a successful lead paid traffic consultant and he shares with you some great tips about how you can get started with Google AdWords, Facebook adverts, if you're not quite ready to outsource that to someone like me.

So that's blog.6teen30.com, just search in the podcast section there's an interview that I did with Damien Qualter, our paid traffic expert. So, if you do want more inquiries into your business, you don't want to wait for organic SEO and you want that instant fix, but you're unsure how to do it, get in touch.

Let's see if we can set up a consultation with you, and let's see if we can help you get more visibility, more inquiries with professional managed paid traffic services, direct from 6teen30 Digital.

Published by Mike Midgley March 2, 2020
Mike Midgley