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Feb 17, 2020 Mike Midgley

Be Clear & Concise About Your Message

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In this Growth Engine daily video, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about being clear and concise about your message. It's been a bit of a strange morning for me today. I've been set in a BNI meeting this morning and no disrespect to BNI, it's not normally my scene, if that makes sense.

However, I've been substituting for Jamie in his BNI chapter while he's been on holiday. One thing I wanted to just share with you is that BNI is not for everybody, networking is not for everybody. I think that you need a certain amount of commitment to that. 

The meeting went really well this morning at the BNI Phoenix in Rotherham, and some really good, solid people there. One of the key takeaways I just wanted to share with you. As a substitute, I've gone and represented Jamie, filled in for him as I said while he's on holiday.

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Introducing Yourself & What You Do

Ultimately I've gone and observed all these other businesses. There are 25 or so people in that chapter this morning with a couple of visitors. What was interesting is the approach that businesses took when introducing themselves. I think out of 25, I'd say less than half were absolutely crystal clear about what they did and what type of business that they actually were looking for. 

I think that's a crime because we got up nice and early, quarter seven meeting, and it's a great opportunity, as I said 25 plus businesses there, and for specific companies who said this is who we are, this is the type of customers that we serve, this is how we help them and if you know some of these types of businesses with these types of problems or aspirations then this is how you can refer them to us. 

I think that last part is the key thing. We can all say, hey we want to deal with anybody who works at this company, but how can I actually make that referral? You can make that referral by looking out for x, or asking y.

If you get this type of response, then you maybe would ask if they would like a referral or a recommendation for a professional to help them with that. It's how part of being clear with the message that I wanted to get across. 

For the other half of the group, these people were new members, visitors, of course, or maybe not as used to that sort of environment. They've got some work to do because if they can't be decisive and clear about exactly what they do. Then ultimately, if they're confused about the message, can you imagine how confused their customers are.

How To Be Clear When Introducing Yourself & How To Get More Referrals

Like here at 6teen30 Digital on our agency side, we help people build growth engines, and inbound sales and marketing system that's based on foundational digital strategy and then ongoing build, launch, and management of digital campaigns.

Which ultimately results in a benefit of increasing targeted traffic to the website, increase sales inquiry for their sales teams from marketing qualified leads, which gives more profitable conversions. 


That is what we do, we sell traffic leads and conversions for more profit for the customer. I want you to think about it today. 

  • What is my message? 
  • What do I do?
  • Who do I serve? 
  • How do I help them? 
  • How can the people, your network, your social circle, your commercial and business circle refer people to you? 

Have that clear process dialled in and doubled down. Practise it, who you are, what you do, how you benefit them, or how you work and how people can make referrals to you. As always, to get really clear about your message, get really clear about how people can refer to you, business to you. 

Published by Mike Midgley February 17, 2020
Mike Midgley