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Jan 30, 2020 Mike Midgley

Adding Value and Transformation

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Today, I'd like to talk to you about adding value and transformation in your business. So, I've been looking at how our business has transformed over 2017, and for those of you who follow our stuff, we got two sides to our business. We have a Blue Side and a Black Side.

The Blue Side is the inbound digital marketing. The Black Side is executive coaching. When I look at how we had positioned ourselves at the beginning of 2017, it was a very chiselled-out, structured programme of how we used to do project work on digital marketing, and how I used to work with executive boards on coaching through entrepreneur successive.

But I sat here in October 2017, so 10 months later and as books are full of clients on both sides of the business, and I look at how we've moved and changed the demands. Just a couple of quick examples.

Digital Marketing Services

On a digital marketing side, we were heavily Infusionsoft small business track, just doing project by project by project, and that was fine, but a lot of clients were coming to us and saying, "Hey, Mike, I need ongoing support, I need graphic design, I need copywriting," and things like that.

So we looked at it, and not only have we included HubSpot in our digital marketing service now for medium corporate and enterprise businesses. We've also really turned into a fully-blown agency, and by that, everything from;

  • Digital strategy playbooks
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Print-out.

We're a print house now, doing booklet printing. Copywriting, web developers; we actually employ 12 web developers full time, just churning out WordPress, HubSpot, CMS code. So that's how that has developed from just being a digital marketing project/programme, into a full-blown marketing agency, where we'd run social media campaigns, content blogging, SEO, things like that. That's, I'd say, 90% of that digital side's business and how we are adding value and transformation.

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Executive Coaching Services

The other side of it is executive coaching, and I look at where we used to spend a day or a day and a half of executive coaching with clients, but that's also now turned more into an executive coaching and business management support service.

By that, the digital side of our business is now supporting the executive coaching for more adding value transformation, so it's bringing customers in to launch stage of executive coaching after we've remodelled the business or turned them around.

We're now actually launching them out and there's no extra cost for that. We're putting that as added value services.

Adding Value and Transformation

Are You Meeting Your Customers Demands?

So my challenge for you today is realistically to say, okay, look at the services that you're offering, look how they've changed. Do an assessment.

  • Where were you at the beginning of the year?
  • Where are you today?
  • And, have you changed?
  • Are you adding more value?
  • Are you blending more services?
  • Are you opening up more of your customers' wallets yet?

So, offering more services to get more revenue in. It's not just about charging customers more money. It's all also about giving it value, making sure that you be complimentary with your services. So just a quick check on transformation. Have a look at your business; see where it's at.

Published by Mike Midgley January 30, 2020
Mike Midgley