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Dec 19, 2023 Mike Midgley

The Revolution of RevOps: 7 Unmissable Predictions for 2024

The Revolution of RevOps: 7 Unmissable Predictions for 2024

ROL - The Revolution of RevOps

The Revolution of RevOps: 7 Unmissable Predictions for 2024

Before diving into these predictions around Revenue Operations (RevOps), let me clarify what RevOps entails.

At its core, RevOps is a strategic approach that aligns sales, marketing, and customer service operations. It's about integrating processes, technology, and data to drive efficiency and enhance the customer experience, ultimately aiming to increase revenue.

RevOps is fundamentally about breaking down silos within an organization, ensuring that every department works cohesively towards common, revenue-related goals.

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Ok back to my 2024 predictions - what I'm seeing in boardrooms across the globe, is a crucial conversation that is gaining momentum - the undeniable rise of Revenue Operations (RevOps) as a central pillar of business strategy.

One CEO in Europe this week said ’Mike, gone are the days when sales and marketing could operate in this business independently’ I agreed with a proud smile that our client firmly gets it ... .and that the same old normal is no longer cutting it.

Whether its marketing ad spends skyrocketing, disconnect nurture sequences and sales teams ever increasing spend on a whole raft of tools starting with data intelligence outreach, it's like pushing water uphill if we do not have alignment.

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Another CFO opened up to me about the challenges they are facing and why they are considering RevOps now more than ever. The view was quietly spoken with an element of sarcasm, a typical reserved CFO style delivered to me as follows ...."It all feels like one is fishing in that pond and the other casting a net in another pond over there, and I'm watching budget requests increase without that tracking to the bank!

At best they have a casual check in to see how things are going between them around the water cooler’ - it needs to change was the resounding message i felt along with his pain!

The widening gap between customer expectations and the capabilities of divided teams, means that companies are simply losing valuable market share.

So as the spotlight turns to the CMO and CRO, there’s an increasing realization: the traditional approach isn’t enough. The urgent need for a RevOps mindset is becoming crystal clear. It's not just about a new role or strategy; it's about a fundamental shift in how businesses align their operations with customer demands and market dynamics.

The big question in the boardroom now is not if, but when and how to integrate RevOps.

Do we adapt existing roles, or do we bring in fresh expertise? 

The decision to stick or twist with current CMOs and CROs who are behind the eight ball is going to come thick and fast. I believe we are going to see a significant shift in the landscape, with titles and personal domains taking a back seat to revenue growth and their need to skill up and become more adaptable.

CMOs and CROs who aren't quick to embrace the [Head of] or [Director of] RevOps mindset may soon find themselves under new leadership or on the lookout for new opportunities.

This is more than a trend; it's a revolution.

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On that basis i took time out to rethink what going into 2024 will look like, feel free to agree, disagree, here's what I think are the seven unmissable predictions for RevOps in 2024, let's break these down on how this seismic shift is redefining the roles, strategies, and very fabric of successful businesses.

  • 1: Strategic Customer Journey Mapping Becomes Non-Negotiable:

    In 2024, companies will finally acknowledge that customer journey mapping is not just a task for marketing or sales teams, but a strategic RevOps imperative. We predict a surge in integrating customer journey mapping across all touchpoints, including customer success. This unified approach will become the standard, not the exception, so get onboard or get left behind!

  • 2: Data Literacy Dominates Boardroom Discussions:

    The era of data literacy being an optional skill is over. Executive teams will increasingly focus on data-driven strategies, making data literacy a cornerstone of boardroom decision-making. We'll see a marked shift towards demanding more sophisticated data insights for strategic execution.

  • 3: Hyper-Personalization Led by Top Executives:

    2024 will witness a pivotal change where AI-driven personalization is no longer just a tech initiative but a top-down leadership mandate. Businesses that succeed will be those where leaders actively drive personalization strategies also through their own content, redefining market positioning and customer engagement from the top.

  • 4: Agility Becomes a C-Suite Mandate:

    Agility will transition from a buzzword to a core leadership philosophy. The C-suite will not only endorse but actively embody agile practices, influencing every aspect of decision-making and culture. This shift will be more than an operational change; it will be a cultural revolution.

  • 5: C-Suite Buy-In and Role Evolution as a Survival Strategy:

    The roles of CMOs and CROs will start to undergo a dramatic evolution to integrate RevOps principles. Organizations will realize that keeping pace with the market demands a significant investment in RevOps training and development. The choice will be clear: evolve or risk obsolescence.

  • 6: Customer Retention Overpowers Acquisition in Growth Strategies:

    The focus on customer retention will overshadow acquisition strategies. We predict a significant strategic pivot at every revenue generating level, start ups of course will remain initially acquisition focused but will shift faster than before with resource allocation, product development, and customer service being realigned to prioritize customer retention over mere market expansion.

  • 7: Ecosystem Building Becomes a Top-Down Strategic Directive:

    In 2024, creating synergistic ecosystems will no longer be an option but a directive. This approach will require comprehensive commitment from the top down and adoption from the bottom up. Companies will recognize that thriving in a competitive market demands an ecosystem-oriented strategy.

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Embracing the RevOps Revolution - A Call to Action for Today's Leaders

As we confront these monumental prediction shifts, the imperative for every business leader, not just RevOps professionals, is unmistakable: It’s time to adapt, evolve, and lead in this new era of integrated operations. 

The challenges ahead are formidable, but the potential for growth and innovation is unprecedented. For those ready to embrace these changes, the future holds exciting possibilities for transformation and success.

This is more than a call to action; it's a summons to redefine leadership as we move into 2024, in the context of a rapidly evolving business landscape we must ask ourselves:

  • If you feel positive about these predictions - How are you, as leaders, reshaping your strategies to align with these RevOps demands?

  • In what ways are you preparing your teams and organizations to navigate and capitalize on the complexities of this new era?

Ready to level up your strategy and fully embrace RevOps?

Schedule time with one of our experienced RevOps strategists and start transforming your approach today.

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Published by Mike Midgley December 19, 2023
Mike Midgley