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Mar 05, 2024 Mike Midgley

From Insight to Impact: Driving Startup Growth Through Strategic RevOps and GTM

Is RevOps the Secret Weapon for CEO-led Exponential Growth?

In the last 18 months, working with over 20 tech startups, I've noticed those who leverage Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies see about an 20% average increase in achieving their goals faster. But, diving deeper, the real magic happens when these strategies are applied 'effectively.'

So, what does 'effectively' mean in this context? It's about strategic integration rather than tactical one-offs.

It's a comprehensive approach starting with data analysis, moving through meticulous planning, and culminating in seamless optimization.

This isn't about quick fixes but about building a foundation that aligns every department and function towards shared goals, thereby creating a streamlined path to sustainable growth. RevOps: It's Strategic, Not Just Tactical

Many ask, How do you do RevOps, Mike?

My response? It's about integrating your GTM and RevOps strategies closely, starting with data analysis, then building up through planning and optimization. It's a journey, not a quick fix.

For those in a hurry, desiring immediate results without the resource or time commitment, RevOps might seem daunting. The truth is, a strategic RevOps transformation can take 6-12 months, even extending to 18-24 months, depending on your organization's complexity.

If immediate results are your goal, pause. It might not be the right time for RevOps. I know some will disagree, but all that is achieved is tactical implementation not Strategic RevOps or giving your GTM anywhere near a fair chance.

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The pressure of a client or internal hierarchy can sometimes take us off track, to all the RevOps pro's - I encourage you to stand your ground, show the value in a strategic, not tactical approach to get the better results.

Even split out a tactical list of ‘hair on fire’ tasks while the strategic process is being delivered if you have to, whatever keeps them happy but we don't ever change the process.


Because implementing RevOps and GTM strategically and correctly is very much like building a construction development site, I’ve listed below our process how this analogy works in Strategic RevOps and GTM - this also provides the longer answer to the above question on how we do Strategic RevOps and GTM.

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Our Process Simplified: The RevOps Construction Blueprint

Through a specific methodology, we create and manage a comprehensive RevOps roadmap, and its scheduled and planned through a number steps.

  1. Site Survey with PAaaS: Think of Performance Analytics as a Service [PAaaS] like checking the soil and layout before you build a house. It’s about understanding your data terrain thoroughly, ensuring everything from customer data to sales metrics is clean, organized, and ready for construction.

  2. Architect's Blueprint with GTM Strategy: This is where we draw up the plans. Just like an architect ensures the house will stand firm and meet the owner's needs, our GTM strategy creates a detailed Strategic GamePlan ensuring every part of your business is aligned towards the same goals.

  3. Construction with Automation & Process Mapping: Now, we're building the foundation and structure. Translating our blueprints into reality, we use tools like HubSpot to automate processes, ensuring your sales, marketing, and customer success teams work in harmony, just as the walls and roof of a house come together.

  4. Internal Fit-Out with Growth Execution: This is the interior design phase but for your business strategies. We're making sure every strategy not only fits perfectly but also looks good and works effectively, optimizing for revenue growth and customer satisfaction. We offer two approaches, fully outsourced Revenue Operations as a Service [ROaaS] or RevOps Professional Projects delivering quarterly initiatives working on the most optimal areas of efficiency and revenue growth.

  5. Building Inspection with Consultancy / Fractional RevOps Services: Just like a final building inspection ensures everything is up to code, our RevOps consultancy services review your RevOps and GTM strategies to ensure they're performing as expected, ready to support sustainable growth.

Our approach into these simplified stages attempts to make it easier for leaders to see how RevOps and GTM strategies are built from the ground up, ensuring a strong, cohesive structure that supports the business's growth, revenue and operational objectives.

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Navigating Growth: The RevOps Compass

For CEOs, aligning operations, tech, sales, marketing, and customer success under RevOps isn't just about adopting new tools; it's about shifting the organizational mindset from the top down.

Yes, change might bring resistance, and sometimes, leadership or team changes are necessary. Over a quarter of the startups I've worked with saw changes in senior management or departmental heads post-RevOps implementation in the first year.

It's crucial to embrace change for long-term benefits, even if it means letting go of those resistant to it.

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Facing Resistance and Embracing Change:

Just like in any major renovation, introducing RevOps into your company might meet some resistance. Think of it as deciding to knock down a wall to create an open-plan space: it's about seeing beyond the current layout to the potential of what could be. People are sometimes afraid of the commitment, imposter syndrome or genuine concerns of being found out?

The key is clear communication and involving your team in the vision from the start. Share the 'blueprints' of your RevOps strategy, highlighting the benefits not just for the company but for each team member's day-to-day work.

For those particularly resistant to change, consider targeted workshops or one-on-one sessions to address concerns and illustrate the direct impact of RevOps on their roles. By actively engaging and educating your team, you transform resistance into collaboration, paving the way for a smoother transformation.

And if some team members still resist the change despite your best efforts, it may be better for both parties to part ways, allowing each to thrive in environments more suited to their preferences and strengths.

Ready for a Change?

Schedule a confidential chat with us. You'll get an honest conversation about your organization, where we'll dive into your challenges, goals, and timelines.

Expect unbiased advice, tailored recommendations, and a clear pathway aligned with your objectives. We'll outline tangible outcomes and actionable steps to kickstart your growth.

Let's explore how our RevOps strategy can make a real difference for you today.

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Published by Mike Midgley March 5, 2024
Mike Midgley