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Dec 01, 2023 Mike Midgley

#RevOpsLife Relaunch: RevOps vs RevOps

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#RevOpsLife Relaunch: RevOps

vs RevOps

Starting with what I class as a RevOps vs RevOps scenario thats starting to shape online.

If you are interested in RevOps? Join the club, we love it but what really is it?

Here’s the issue – as a community we don’t always see eye to eye with mainstream or others views, it's great that everyone has differing approaches.

As RevOps terminology becomes more mainstream, I for one, are seeing some confusion creeping in that I feel we as a RevOps agency should at least have input on so our audience can understand our approach as one to be considered too.

Brand new for 2024 we’re opening up our RevOps agency to share our learnings, what’s working, and what’s not -the real stuff, not just theory!

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Whats the Starting Point of RevOps?

The only true starting point, we believe, is by directing early efforts into a strategic business model evaluation.

Earlier this year, before my departure to the states to open 6teen30 Digital USA, I started writing this #RevOpsLife newsletter.

I slacked off and with my efforts since summer being focused on the USA launch.

Now that it’s stabilized, we as a team are returning to share the inner workings of what we do day in and day out!

The revamped #RevOpsLife will see us dissect, debate, and demystify Revenue Operations.

Everybody has a view on RevOps - we call it RevOps vs. RevOps: Our Take on the Evolving Landscape.

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What works, what doesn’t, and what’s just noise. Here’s a taster of what’s upcoming when we relaunch in December 2023 and what’s up for debate:

  • Business Models and strategy first - forget everything else until this is nailed!

  • Why top-down commitment and bottom-up adoption are equally important.

  • HubSpot vs Salesforce: Each has its nuances. Which is right for you?

  • Team alignment: Just one piece of a larger puzzle. Don’t start here!

  • Tech stack integration: Important, but not the whole story.

  • Process efficiency: Essential, yet not the only goal.

Our starting point at 6teen30 Digital is always to dissect and understand the business model and revenue goals.

Without these, you’re just shooting in the dark, no matter how aligned your teams are or how integrated your tech stack is.

What’s Coming Up:

We at 6teen30 Digital are rolling up our sleeves to show you the real grind - the workshops we undertake, the heavy lifts needed early on, the successes, and the stumbles, especially the learnings as we adpt with everything thats needed and the dynamics of AI.

Real RevOps isn’t just about aligning marketing and sales or implementing new tech – it’s about building on solid business foundations.

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While We Relaunch...

Join the Force and Friction Community ahead of our December series relaunch. It’s where the real talk happens, free forever.

And if you have any questions?

Specific challenges you want us to tackle?

Let us know. #RevOpsLife: It’s not just a series; it’s an exploration into the heart of RevOps.

Get ready for honest insights and real-world solutions that cut through the noise of new age theorists!

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Published by Mike Midgley December 1, 2023
Mike Midgley