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May 11, 2020 Jamie Midgley

Sticky Marketing

Sticky Marketing

Leveraging Different Services

Sticky Marketing is the output and result of adopting a way of thinking about the importance of connectivity and leveraging your media.

I want to get your attention focused on what I call 'leveraging different services' and getting the connectivity around.

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What we see in high growth businesses, the ones that leverage the connectivity of marketing is that like every river, there is a source, there is a stream or a trickle of water that comes out.

That 'source' is the persona you identify to target your efforts around. 

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Your Persona

If you're just learning about personas, sometimes it's called an avatar, a customer/prospect profile, you may have heard people use the term your 'profitable customer', regardless of what you identify it as you must understand your audience. 

So, the persona is where it starts.

No excuses, no shortcutting, if you haven't got that dialled in, we encourage you to go back and get started there.

Most companies have got a demand to generate leads, whether that's online, offline, a combination, whether it's e-commerce, face-to-face. 

Without new customers coming in through the door, your business is going to die.

Some businesses are fortunate enough to be awarded high-value contracts and long term guarantees where maybe new business generation is not as important right out of the gate.

Maybe they spend a lot longer building tenders and contracts and then reap the rewards of fulfilling them. 

A motorway construction company could be that example.

A drug company, an active pharmaceutical [API] company maybe that they invent a new drug that can take up to 15 years to get approved.

Examples like that are not uncommon; however, for most of us, we've got a demand to create clients, convert prospects into paying customers. 

If you think about it, most businesses are upside down with that, they think hey I'm new to business or I'm new to this market space, I'm going to go out there and tell everybody what I do. 

Well, think about it, if you don't understand who your persona is, you don't understand the geographical locations if there is a remit around that, you certainly don't understand the demographics and psychographics of them. 

The reality as hard as it maybe is 'how on earth can you physically create a marketing campaign that's going to attract them?'

A typical example that I use, whether you're a football fan here in the U.K, you're an NFL fan in the States, a cricket fan in India, whatever your passion of sport is you will understand merchandising. 

For you guys who know me, I'm a big Evertonian, Everton FC fan, based out of Liverpool.

If you were trying to market me Liverpool Football Club merchandise, you're not going to get my attention, I'm probably going to be upset and unsubscribe. 

For you guys out there in the States if you're a Boston Red Sox fan and people are trying to sell you New York Yankees merch. Same on the 20-20 cricket in the India IPL, if your a Royal Challengers Bangalore fan but getting hit up to buy Chennai Super Kings it doesn't matter if you're not going to get a great deal of engagement marketing the right products to the wrong audiences. 

That doesn't just extend to sports teams.

An example brought back into the business world. If you're a B2C business provider and you're targeting a general message across all your mediums, online, direct, mail, social media, still, your audience is they're retired, if you're targeting that older generation and you're doing a lot of technology and jargon and stuff, they're not going to connect. 

By the same reverse of that, if your target audience is teens to early 20s or married couples who are looking to buy their first house or couples in the baby market, and you're talking for the older generation, again it's not going to connect.

How To Build Your Persona

So, start with persona building. Check out this deep dive webinar on a persona building. Then what you can do is then start to build campaigns and, your messaging around eat you learned about your persona, that's going to solve the problems or meet the dreams and aspirations. 

That messaging can go on your website, your social media, or replicated into offline brochure content.  It can form part of addressing the sales challenges your sales team has, whether that's at the awareness, or consideration, or decision stage.

Personas are where it's at; this is the first part of the inbound marketing series. 

Sticky Marketing Persona

If you've got any questions about how to build your persona, as I say, head over and watch the webinar first or leave us a comment below. If you're just asking questions that's great, I'll get them answered.

I highly encourage you to go and check out the webinar on personas because that's going to answer a lot of your questions. 

That's your foundation to then to start building your marketing strategies out.

Do you need help with your Persona Creation & Inbound Strategy?

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Published by Jamie Midgley May 11, 2020
Jamie Midgley