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Is Your Organization Ready for RevOps? The 10 Questions We Ask Every C-Suite

Welcome to the Force and Friction Podcast, your go-to show for the latest RevOps strategies, discussions, and interviews.

In today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing the 10 questions we ask every

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Here are the core areas we discuss with the team today:

Adding Positive Friction to Our Sales Process

First, we discuss how adding in 'positive friction' during the sales process can help ensure that clients are willing to put in the work required for RevOps success.

As a RevOps agency, we have a duty to ensure we only work with clients who understand the responsibilities of RevOps and are willing to invest that time.

Preparing for the Board Meeting

Next, we discuss how to prepare for introducing the 10 questions to assess an organization's readiness for RevOps to the board.

The RevOps champion should:

  • Set clear objectives

  • Research the questions

  • Encourage debate

  • Score each question

  • Agree on next steps

It's important to treat this topic seriously and come prepared for a productive and thoughtful discussion to ensure that all perspectives are considered and potential issues are addressed.

The Questions & Scoring Matrix

We discuss the 10 key questions and how to score yourself at each stage. Once you have gone through the 10 questions it's time to rank your company on if they are ready for RevOps.

If you score above 75% you are ready for RevOps - you have the right foundations in place to get started.

If you score between 50 - 74% - you are almost there, you are in a position to consider integrating RevOps into your organization.

If you score below 50% - you have a lot of work to do. But you are in the right place! Take a look at some other podcast episodes and educate your team on the power of RevOps.

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Published by Jamie Midgley April 27, 2023
Jamie Midgley