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Apr 20, 2023 Jamie Midgley

How Tech Enablement Can Optimize Your RevOps Strategy | S1:E8

How Tech Enablement Can Optimize Your RevOps Strategy

Welcome to the Force and Friction Podcast, your go-to show for the latest RevOps strategies, discussions, and interviews.

In today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing how tech enablement can optimize your RevOps strategy.

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Here are the core areas we discuss with the team today on how to successfully align your team:

The Tech Challanges Overview

First, we discussed the challenges of tech, causing inefficiencies throughout your entire business model. Challenges can include a poorly set up CRM system with bad data, insufficient use of marketing automation, and struggling customer success teams with a ticketing system not integrated with their CRM.

Your Solution: HubSpot's CRM Suite

Next, we discuss how implementing HubSpot CRM Suite helps struggling businesses to streamline their RevOps and provide better service to your customers.

Our clients usually see immediate benefits, such as qualifying and closing deals faster, nurturing leads more effectively, and managing customer onboarding and support more efficiently.

RevOps is Organization (Not Department) Wide

RevOps is all about optimizing revenue operations across an organization, and technology plays a critical role in achieving this goal.

How You Can Enable Technology in Your RevOps Strategy

  1. Identify the Right Technology Solutions

  2. Integrate Systems

  3. Train Your Teams

  4. Monitor Performance

  5. Continuously Improve

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Published by Jamie Midgley April 20, 2023
Jamie Midgley