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Mar 01, 2020 Mike Midgley

A Strategy For Lead Generation

Strategy For Lead Generation


What strategy have you got in place for lead generation?

In this article I'd like to share a story about lead generation and bringing enquiries into your business, really, customers and cash, enquiries and leads, they're all lifebloods of the company in some format. 


Here, at 6teen30 Digital, our Doncaster office is based on a farm. It's not quite a working farm, but we do have livestock, including sheep.

Unfortunately, last week, we lost one of our sheep. The sheep had been with us, chewing grass, as a grass cutter for, I think around 11 years.

It started to lose a little bit of weight, and we get the vet to check him out, things like that and the prognosis is that he has  lost his teeth.

I'm not a livestock specialist, so I apologise if this is slightly off.

My understanding is they lose the teeth, it's difficult to chew, and he's getting thinner and thinner.

Eventually, the sheep he laid down, and he died.

Please think about that, with your business.

Look at the livestock, if they can't eat, can't graze, there's no fuel going into them, and the result is weight loss, and ultimately, obviously, the end is they die. 

So, what's happening with your lead generation?

The same situation can happen.

If you don't have a constant fuel of leads, coming into your business, where these leads are providing you with quality, not time-wasting enquiries, I am referring to qualified enquiries. Ultimately, your pipeline's going to dry up, like the grazing dries up for the sheep.

Ultimately, that business is going to lose weight, and it's eventually going to go out of business. 

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What Is Your Strategy?

I've seen businesses just focused on doing the do of delivery.

Going out and delivering for customers or fulfilling customers.

Then, ultimately, you don't see the shortage of leads that are not coming into the business, until it's too late. 

So give some thought to what your lead generation strategy looks like and if it's delivering for you.What are you tasking your team to do, every single day?

Is it to either collect leads or qualify leads, and progress them down the sales pipeline wildly. 

Or amass leads with a strategy behind it, to process them, and make sure that you've got, what I call, a structured sales pipeline, in place.

From a new enquiry coming into the business, what happens next?

Strategy For Lead Generation - New Enquiry

  • After the new enquiry, you'd usually call them, follow them up. 
  • If you can speak to them, then qualification is the next step.
  • After qualification, and dependent on what your business model looks like, whether you're quoting online, or you're doing face to face, sort of appointment b2b style, but ultimately, it's either going to quote somebody, or follow them up, or schedule an appointment.
  • Then after that, you maybe do some tendering or follow-up.

That is a typical process you are going to go through; you're going to either win the sale or lose the sale.

Or, you're going to park it into some nurture sequence, to follow through, and follow them, at a future date. 

So, don't be the sheep, the livestock who's lost its teeth and can't chew.

A business without leads, well, unless you've built some fantastic, residual income business, then ultimately, it's going to get thin, and eventually, die.

So get busy, think about your lead generation strategy.

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Published by Mike Midgley March 1, 2020
Mike Midgley