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Leeds West Yorkshire, Release: Feb 01, 2020. For Immediate Release

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Announcement of the SuccessHub Rebrand

The SuccessHub, a high growth management consultancy and inbound digital agency have today announced a major rebranding of its two core services to support the restructuring of its business model with the launch of its new 6teen30 Digital and Mike Midgley executive branding.

Adapting to Evolving Markets

MJM Bio PixMike Midgley, chief executive officer, said, “As our business has grown over the last eight years, the type of services we deliver today has become more complex and diverse to meet the differing client stages we serve, resulting in the need for the current business to restructure and create two new businesses with separate brands that also provides a clearer brand message throughout our sales process” 

Midgley adds, “Typically, high growth service businesses and their management teams are looking at different entry points and service support when appointing a partner.  Some are far more advanced in their growth cycle and are looking for executive board NXD, investment funding and next-level long term strategic planning, others who are earlier in their growth stage, need an execution agency partner to grow their marketing, sales and client retention strategies to increase shorter-term revenues” 

Maintaining the Vision

“Our vision has always been to help management teams to achieve their objectives and grow faster” 

Throughout the two business models and brands, this vision becomes more clear as we are now segmenting the services to appeal to its respective target audiences”

Dedicated Teams & Skill Sets

JM Bio 0120Jamie Midgley, Client Success Director, says, “Our teams resources and skillsets are better segmented, through 6teen30 Digital, our Inbound team have a clear delivery directive delivering HubSpot Inbound Digital Growth Agency services and campaigns without the distraction of mixing client investments, board meetings and long term strategic planning initiatives”

"Whilst with the Mike Midgley executive branding, our team of executive consultants can concentrate on the finer detail without the pressure of having to account manage or execute tactical marketing or sales campaigns” 

‘We now have a unique capability to totally segment services from initial discussions through to ongoing account management that delivers clarity and stronger results.”

The New Brands

The restructure and rebrand includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the websites and social media channels along with strapline with 6teen30 Digital adopting the Grow. Faster positioning and Mike Midgley executive branding retaining the Objectives. Achieved positioning.

6teen30 - logo - [Colour]-2 MJM_Master Logo - Grey Blue (1)

6teen30 Digital branding is reflective of a modern HubSpot Inbound Growth Agency, whilst the Mike Midgley branding promotes the executive boardroom brand that delivers executive support, high growth business strategy and venture capital raising services.

Contact info:

Name: Mike Midgley

Organization: 6teen30 Digital / Mike Midgley

Company URL: www.6teen30.com / www.mikejmidgley.com

Address: 15 Queen Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 8AJ

Phone: +44 [0]113 479 330

Published by Mike Midgley December 2, 2019
Mike Midgley